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Home Cleaning & Maintenance

Enriching the life's of families

TIDY MAIDS offers three different cleaning packages to accommodate every budged out there. We know that life is busy and we want to help you get back time with your family and do the things you love to do.

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Standard Clean

When your home needs that little bit of EXTRA
Perfect for families with small kids and pets

⦁    Sanitize Bathroom, Counters, front of counters, Toilet, Mirror, door knob, empty garbage, light switch, scrub shower and bathtub (remove rust stains), baseboards, spot wash windows from the inside, wipe down window sills, polish chrome, mop floors.

⦁    Make beds and change sheets if requested, dust, vacuum if needed, mirrors, wash windows and window sills from the inside, quick tidy, door knobs, light switch, empty garbage, mop floors.

⦁    Washes dishes by hand if any left in the sink, quick tidy of counter plus wipe down, wipe down of front of kitchen counters, wipe down backsplash, front of fridge and stove, wipe out microwave, light switches and door knobs, polish chrome (sink and faucet) ,empty garbage and recycling if needed, mop kitchen floor.

Dinning area & living room:
⦁    Quick tidy, dust, wipe table and brush off chairs, vacuum and mop 
Rest of the house: (entrance way, laundry room, office)
⦁    Quick tidy, dust, clean mirrors, wipe down table legs and chair legs, wash window from the inside and wipe down window sills,  door knobs, light switches, empty garbage, vacuum and mop.

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