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Move In/Out Clean

Let us do the cleaning. You have worked enough

We strive to make things hassle-free and convenient; especially when it comes to our MOVE in/out Service.
You have done so much, let us do the cleaning.

The brand new house keys have been handed over, time to move in. White cabinetry, white wa



Carpet spot cleaning and vacuuming. Carpet shampooing is available for an extra charge if needed.


Making sure that all walls are cleaned from any fingerprints or pawprints. Dusting and cleaning of baseboard and vents. Washing of windows and window sills from the inside.


Cleaning of all appliances. Making sure they sparkle again. Cleaning of all cupboards and drawers. Grease remove on top of kitchen cupboards. Cleaning front of drawers and cupboards.


Cleaning of toilet and removing rust stains from bathtub. Mirrors and polishing of chrome. Cleaning of cupboards and vents.

**Move out/in clean is only available if all furniture and boxes have been removed from the premises.**

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